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Raw Dog Food

Beef Spleen (approx 50 lb case)

99¢ lb

Beef Lung (approx 40 lb case)

99¢ lb

Beef Kneecaps (by the case)

99¢ lb

Beef Kneecaps

$1.29 lb

Chicken Necks

$1.59 lb

Ground Chicken Necks

$1.79 lb

Ground Necks with Veggies

$1.79 lb

Ground Beef Organs

$2.99 lb

Ground Beef Organ with Veggies

$2.99 lb

Beef Heart

$2.99 lb

Beef Kidney

$2.99 lb

Beef Marrow Bones

$2.99 lb

Boneless Cubed Pork

$3.49 lb

Lean Ground Pork

$3.49 lb

Lean Ground Beef

$4.49 lb

Boneless Cubed Beef

$4.99 lb

Bulk Chicken Necks (40 lb case)


Fresh Chicken Legs (40 lb case)



Although many of these items can be picked up without notice, to ensure maximum satisfaction please place your order ahead of time via email.

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